Wednesday, April 14, 2010

93-Year-Old Newlywed

Texas Confederate Home for Men inmate Charles David Clark finally found wedded bliss at age ninety-three.

Clark, a native of Virginia, served in Company A of the First Virginia Infantry, a unit that was in the thick of things at Gettysburg. He moved to Texas after the war and was admitted to the Confederate home in Austin in 1931.

“He had been many places and seen many things,” a friend said, “But women didn’t interest him.”

Something about the widow of another inmate finally interested him, however. Eliza Bryan Turner had come to the veterans’ home in 1937 to live with her husband there. When Mr. Turner passed away in 1940, Clark began his courtship. The couple was married on March 4, 1941, and other inmates threw the newlyweds a party, complete with a huge wedding cake and a hope chest for the bride.

Apparently, the strain of marriage was too much for the 93-year-old bridegroom. He died of a sudden heart attack a month later, on April 6.

(See Dallas News, April 8, 1941)

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