Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Best Book of High Merit"

The Military Order of the Stars and Bars will announce this weekend that My Old Confederate Home: A Respectable Place for Civil War Veterans has been awarded the 2010 Douglas Southall Freeman History Award as "the best published book of high merit in the field of Southern history, beginning with colonial period to the present day." The award will be presented at the MOSB's annual convention on July 15, and it comes with a welcome cash prize.

I am thrilled and deeply, deeply greatful.

I'm especially honored that this award is named for Pulitzer Prize-winning author and biographer Douglas S. Freeman. On a shelf next to my writing desk is the four-volume, gold-stamped, blue buckram 1935 Pulitzer Prize edition of Freeman's R. E. Lee: A Biography, one of the most precious sets in my personal library.

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