Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mrs. Grant Donates

Here’s one of those maddening little factoids that’s proved difficult to track down:

"Mrs. U. S. Grant has given $25 to the Confederate Soldiers' Home at Austin."

It’s a one-sentence item appearing in a “Home and Abroad” news roundup column in the Pullman (Wash.) Herald on April 6, 1889, but I can’t find it mentioned anywhere else. I can’t find the gift in the (admittedly incomplete) ledgers of the Texas Confederate Home, and I haven’t found it in any of the contemporary Texas newspapers.

Anyone care to hazard a guess as to why and how she came to make the donation?

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Andy Hall said...

Galveston Daily News, March 15, 1889:

Aiding the Confederate Home

New York, March 14 -- Secretary Oliver Downing of the New York Citizen's committee, to aid the National Confederate Soldier's home at Austin, Tex., has received a letter from General Alfred Pleasanton containing money. Another letter from Mrs. Grant incloses [sic.] a check for $25. The letter is as follows:

Oliver Downing, Secretary, Etc. -- Dear Sir: General Grant's kindly feelings toward the southern people, though they were once his enemies, is Mrs. Grant's reasons for sending the inclosed check. She wishes you success in your efforts.

Fred D. Grant, for Mrs. Grant