Friday, April 23, 2010

He's No Lee!

Support for Confederate soldiers’ homes among Southerners was far from unanimous, and at least one former Confederate general wasn’t shy about making his opposition known.

By 1884, veterans in Richmond were raising money to build what would become the Lee Camp Home there. Newspapers and journals across the South were cheering on the effort, reporting on the latest fundraising plans and progress. Donors from all sections of the country were pledging money.

However, Southern Bivouac, a monthly magazine for ex-Confederates, reported on one naysayer:

“General Jubal Early is opposed to receiving money from Northern men to build up a home for disabled Confederate soldiers, and says that all Confederates who need help are deadbeats. This is going quite far. The general has won quite a reputation saying bitter things since the war, in which he does not follow the example of his illustrious chief.”

(See Southern Bivouac, June 1884)

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