Friday, March 19, 2010

"May not last much longer..."

Native Kentuckian J.F. Smith was far from home, and he wanted to hear from old friends. In August 1902 Smith was residing in the Texas Confederate Home for Men. He wrote the editor of his hometown newspaper in western Kentucky:

“Dear Sir: My name is J. F. Smith. I am an inmate of the Confederate Home at Austin and an old settler of your town and county, and kindly ask you to send me a copy of your paper in order to keep posted in my old age, about my friends. I am 83 years old and may not last much longer, so comply with my request. I was once acquainted with most people in your vicinity and would like to hear from my old friends. Those of my friends who see this will write to me.”

There’s no word on who wrote him or how long the old fella lasted.

(See Hickman (Ky.) Courier, September 5, 1902.)

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